Say Goodbye to Muscle Pain and Sore Joints!

Muscle And Joint Pain Therapy
Body Sensation Medspa’s muscle and joint pain therapy services will relieve and eliminate muscle and joint pain with non-invasive technology, thermal and cold therapy treatments, cupping, massage, stretching therapy, and localized topical treatments. If you have been searching for joint pain relief that works, we can help. At our medical spa, we believe that physical wellness is just as important as beauty, and provide services to eliminate pain and increase movement. Using the latest technologies, as well as traditional deep tissue massage and stretching, we are able to effectively treat sore muscles and joints with a variety of methods. Contact our Miramar medical spa today to make an appointment!

Muscle and Joint Pain Therapy Treatments Areas
Neck, Shoulders, Arms, Upper and Lower Back, Legs & Feet

Muscle and Joint Pain Therapy Treatments
Muscle EMS Stimulation, Vacuum RF, Shock Wave, Cupping, Deep Tissue Massage and Stretching, Thermo and Cold Therapy and Topical


EMS Stimulation