With medical spas becoming more popular, sometimes it can be hard to decide which one to choose. First of all, you may be wondering what differentiates a med spa from a normal spa. A medical spa is simply a place where you can receive results-oriented, non-invasive, and non-surgical treatment for everything from cellulite to wrinkles to unwanted hair. Body Sensation Spa in Miramar, Florida, near Miami, specializes in face and body contouring, hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and weight loss. When choosing which medical spa is right for you, consider the following:

What services does the medical spa offer?

Picking a medical spa will depend on what services you are looking for. Some medical spas only do laser hair removal, or only face contouring, etc. This is fine if you are looking for only one specific service. However, after most people experience the life-changing results that a medical spa can offer, they desire more treatments. For this reason, it is important to choose a medical spa that offers an array of treatments so you can continue to utilize their services for years. At Body Sensation Spa, we offer professional, quality treatments for all of your needs. Aside from the ones mentioned above, we also provide the latest cellulite removal treatments, as well as offer spider vein removal, and muscle and joint pain therapy.

What kind of techniques do they use?

If a medical spa is using outdated techniques, you won’t see the best results possible. Knowing what techniques are available, and which ones a med spa uses, is vital to long-lasting successful results. At Body Sensation Spa, our staff is committed to professional growth and development, and we continue to educate ourselves on the best practices in laser hair removal for men and women, body contouring and sculpting, detoxification, and more. For example, we offer the latest in skin rejuvenation, dark spot removal, spider vein removal, and laser hair removal with our Intense Pulsed Light laser treatments. We also have the latest technology when it comes to proven cellulite treatment called Vela Slim cellulite contouring along with Mesotherapy cellulite contouring. All of our procedures are non-invasive alternatives to cosmetic surgery and show proven results.

What are their facilities like?

For your comfort and convenience, you want a spa that is located in a safe and clean part of town. Med spas that have good locations show that they are professional and care about their presentation along with their practice. Body Sensation med spa is located in an upscale, private spa facility. Our premises are kept in pristine condition for your safety and comfort, and we only use the best equipment for our treatments. We are so proud of our facilities that we offer a large photo gallery so you know exactly what to expect when you stop by for your treatment.

Do they have a good reputation?

With the abundance of review websites and online comments, it can be hard to discern which reviews to take seriously. That’s why we like you to hear reviews straight from our happy clients. Take a couple minutes to check out these videos of what our clients had to say when we said, “Tell us about your experience.”

Body Sensation Is The Right Med Spa For You

Body Sensation Spa offers all of the high-quality, non-invasive procedures you need at an affordable price. Whether you are looking for a non-surgical face lift, a personalized weight loss coach and nutritionist, laser hair removal, body sculpting, or more, we have it. If you’re still not convinced that Body Sensation Spa is the right choice for a medical spa in Miramar, come see for yourself! Schedule a free consultation today and come in to see what Body Sensation can do for you! We can’t wait to meet you!